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BFT Name BFT Code Data Axle Field
Fulfillment Flag HOH, Fulfillment Flag Member 2, Fulfillm... active
Address Type address_type
Age of Household Member HOH, Age of Household Member 2, A... age
Carrier Route Code carrier_route_code
CBSA Code (MSA Code) cbsa_code
CBSA Level (Micro Metro Indentifier) cbsa_level
Census Block Group, Census Block Group 2010 census_block_group
Census Tract 2010 census_tract
Age 0_3, Age 4_7, Age 8_12, Age 13_17, Children By Age (B... children.age
Child 1 Date of Birth, Child 2 Date of Birth, Child 3 Dat... children.date_of_birth
Children By Age (By Gender), Child 1 Gender, Child 2 Gend... children.gender
City, Standardized City, State, Zip city
Congressional District congressional_district
Active Consumer, Number Trade lines HOH, Number Trade lin... credit_card_count
Credit Card - Travel and Entertainment Card Holder HOH, C... credit_card_types
CSA Code csa_code
Birthdate HOH, Birthdate Member 2, Birthdate Member 3, Bi... date_of_birth
Delivery Point Bar Code delivery_point_bar_code
Nielsen County Rank dma_county_rank
Designated Market Area (DMA Codes) dma_region
Nielsen County Region dma_territory
Do Not Mail Flag HOH, Do Not Mail Flag member 2, Do Not M... do_not_mail
Email Address emails.address
Email Presence Flag emails_count
Country Of Origin HOH, Country Of Origin Member 2, Countr... estimated_country_of_origin
Birthdate HOH, Birthdate Member 2, Birthdate Member 3, Bi... estimated_date_of_birth
Vendor Ethnic Group HOH, Vendor Ethnic Group Member 2, Ve... estimated_ethnic_group
Vendor Ethnicity HOH (Cultural Coding), Vendor Ethnicity ... estimated_ethnicity
Individual ID HOH, First Name HOH, Middle Initial HOH, La... estimated_head_of_family
Vendor Language HOH, Vendor Language Member 2, Vendor Lan... estimated_language
Married Score, Spousal Indicator Raw Member 2, Spousal In... estimated_married
Vendor Assimilation Code HOH, Vendor Assimilation Code Me... estimated_primary_language
Vendor Religion HOH, Vendor Religion Member 2, Vendor Rel... estimated_religious_affiliation
Number of Adults (in Household) family.adult_count
Length of Residence, Household Arrival Year family.appeared_on
TW Model - Green Consumers, TW Model - High Value Securit... family.behaviors
Number of Children (in Household) family.children_count
Recency Date family.confirmed_on
Length of Residence, Household Arrival Year family.estimated_appeared_on
RevolverToTransactorModel family.estimated_credit_card_revolver
Purchasing Power Indicator, Purchasing Power Income, PPIR... family.estimated_disposable_income
Education_Model family.estimated_education_level
Presence of Children family.estimated_has_children
Own Rent family.estimated_home_owner
FIND INCOME, Income, Income - FindC, Household Income family.estimated_income
Income Producing Assets family.estimated_liquid_assets
Vacation Expense Code family.estimated_vacation_expenses
Wealth Finder family.estimated_wealth
Family ID family_id
Mail Responsive Current, Mail Responsive Ever, Mail Respo... family.mail_offer_frequency
Mail Order Buyer Flag family.mail_purchases
Household Member Count, Household Size 1_2, Household Siz... family.member_count
Stocks or Bonds, Potential Investor Consumer (PIC) family.potential_investor
Sub Family Indicator family.primary
Census State Code 2010, Postal County, Census county code... fips_code
First Name HOH, First Name Member 2, First Name Member 3,... first_name
Gender HOH, Gender Member 2, Gender Member 3, Gender Memb... gender
Last Name Suffix HOH, Last Name Suffix Member 2, Last Nam... generational_suffix
Match Code, Vendor Match Code geocode_method
Vendor Longitude, Vendor Longitude Extended, Longitude Ex... geocoordinate
Lifestyle - Fashion & Jewelry Interest, LHI Lifestyle - A... interests.accessories
LHI Lifestyle - Ethnic Products - African American HOH, L... interests.african_american_products
LHI Lifestyle - American History HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Ame... interests.american_history
LHI Lifestyle - Ethnic Products - Asian HOH, LHI Lifestyl... interests.asian_products
LHI Lifestyle - Motor Vehicle - Auto Racing HOH, LHI Life... interests.auto_racing
LHI Lifestyle - Aviation HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Aviation Me... interests.aviation
LHI Lifestyle - Bargain Seekers HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Barg...
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Baseball HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Sp...
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Basketball HOH, LHI Lifestyle - ...
LHI Lifestyle - Ocean/Beaches HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Ocean/... interests.beaches
LHI Lifestyle - Birds HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Birds Member 2... interests.birds
Lifestyle - Boating/Sailing Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Out... interests.boating_sailing
Lifestyle - Books & Music, LHI Lifestyle - Book Buyer HOH... interests.books
LHI Lifestyle - Business HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Business Me...
Lifestyle - Camping Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Outdoors - ... interests.camping
Lifestyle - Car Buff, LHI Lifestyle - Motor Vehicle - Aut...
Lifestyle - High Ticket Mail Order Buyer, LHI Lifestyle -... interests.catalogs
Cat Owner, LHI Lifestyle - Pets - Cats HOH, LHI Lifestyle... interests.cats
LHI Lifestyle - Charitable Donor HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Cha... interests.charities
LHI Lifestyle - Apparel - General Apparel HOH, LHI Lifest... interests.childrens_apparel
Lifestyle - Collectibles Interest, Lifestyle - Stamp/Coin... interests.collectibles
LHI Lifestyle - College HOH, LHI Lifestyle - College Memb...
LHI Lifestyle - Humor/Comics HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Humor/C... interests.comics
Lifestyle - Computer Owner, LHI Lifestyle - Technology - ... interests.computers
LHI Lifestyle - Politically Conservative HOH, LHI Lifesty... interests.conservative_politics
Lifestyle - Cooking Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Cooking - G...
LHI Lifestyle - Beauty/Cosmetics HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Bea... interests.cosmetics
Lifestyle - Handicrafts & Sewing Interest, LHI Lifestyle ... interests.crafts
LHI Lifestyle - Credit Card User HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Cre... interests.credit_cards
Lifestyle - Handicrafts & Sewing Interest, LHI Lifestyle ... interests.crocheting
Lifestyle - Travel & Entertainment Interest, LHI Lifestyl...
Lifestyle - Travel & Entertainment Interest, LHI Lifestyl... interests.culture_arts
LHI Lifestyle - Current Events HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Curre... interests.current_events
Lifestyle - Dieting/Weight Loss Interest, LHI Lifestyle -... interests.dieting
Lifestyle - Home Workshop Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Do-It...
Dog Owner, LHI Lifestyle - Pets - Dogs HOH, LHI Lifestyle... interests.dogs
Lifestyle - Travel & Entertainment Interest, LHI Lifestyl... interests.domestic_travel
Lifestyle - Electronics Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Technol... interests.electronics
Lifestyle - Children's Products Interest, LHI Lifestyle -...
LHI Lifestyle - Rural/Farming HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Rural/... interests.farming
Lifestyle - Fishing Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Outdoors - ...
Lifestyle - Health & Fitness Interest, LHI Lifestyle - He...
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Football HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Sp...
Lifestyle - Gambling Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Gambling H... interests.gambling
LHI Lifestyle - Games HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Games Member 2...
Lifestyle - Gardening & Horticulture Interest, LHI Lifest... interests.gardening
LHI Lifestyle - Gift Giver HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Gift Give...
Lifestyle - Golfing Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Go...
Lifestyle - Gourmet Food & Wine Interest, LHI Lifestyle -... interests.gourmet_foods
Lifestyle - Health & Fitness Interest, LHI Lifestyle - He...
LHI Lifestyle - Ethnic Products - Hispanic HOH, LHI Lifes... interests.hispanic_products
LHI Lifestyle - History HOH, LHI Lifestyle - History Memb... interests.history
LHI Lifestyle - Hobbies HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Hobbies Memb... interests.hobbies
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Hockey HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Spor...
Lifestyle - Home Decorating Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Hom... interests.home_decor
LHI Lifestyle - Home Office Products HOH, LHI Lifestyle -... interests.home_office_products
LHI Lifestyle - Horses HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Horses Member... interests.horses
Lifestyle - Hunting Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Outdoors - ... interests.hunting
LHI Lifestyle - Inspirational HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Inspir... interests.inspirational_products
Heavy Internet User, LHI Lifestyle - Technology - Interne... interests.internet
Lifestyle - Handicrafts & Sewing Interest, LHI Lifestyle ... interests.knitting
LHI Lifestyle - Politically Liberal HOH, LHI Lifestyle - ... interests.liberal_politics
LHI Lifestyle - Magazine Subscriber HOH, LHI Lifestyle - ... interests.magazines
LHI Lifestyle - Apparel - General Apparel HOH, LHI Lifest... interests.mens_apparel
Lifestyle - Fashion & Jewelry Interest, LHI Lifestyle - A... interests.mens_fashion
Lifestyle - Investments Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Moneyma... interests.moneymaking_opportunities
LHI Lifestyle - Motor Vehicle - Motorcycles HOH, LHI Life...
Lifestyle - Books & Music, LHI Lifestyle - Technology - A...
Lifestyle - Handicrafts & Sewing Interest, LHI Lifestyle ... interests.needlepoint
LHI Lifestyle - Books - Nonfiction HOH, LHI Lifestyle - B... interests.nonfiction
Lifestyle - Outdoor Enthusiast, LHI Lifestyle - Outdoors ... interests.outdoors
LHI Lifestyle - Personal Finance HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Per... interests.personal_finance
LHI Lifestyle - Personalized Products/Monograms HOH, LHI ... interests.personalized_products
Lifestyle - Pet Owner, LHI Lifestyle - Pets - General Pet... interests.pets
Lifestyle - Photography Enthusiast, LHI Lifestyle - Photo...
Lifestyle - Handicrafts & Sewing Interest, LHI Lifestyle ... interests.quilting
LHI Lifestyle - Bible/Devotional HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Bib... interests.religion
LHI Lifestyle - Travel - RV Travel HOH, LHI Lifestyle - T... interests.rvs
LHI Lifestyle - Science HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Science Memb...
LHI Lifestyle - Books - Science Fiction HOH, LHI Lifestyl... interests.science_fiction
LHI Lifestyle - Seniors HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Seniors Memb... interests.senior_products
Lifestyle - Handicrafts & Sewing Interest, LHI Lifestyle ... interests.sewing
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Skiing HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Spor... interests.skiing
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Soccer HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Spor...
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - General Sports HOH, LHI Lifestyl... interests.sports
LHI Lifestyle - Stationery HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Stationer... interests.stationery
Lifestyle - Sweepstakes Interest, LHI Lifestyle - Sweepst... interests.sweepstakes
DM High Tech Household, Early Technology Adopter, LHI Lif...
LHI Lifestyle - Sports - Tennis HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Spor...
LHI Lifestyle - Tobacco User HOH, LHI Lifestyle - Tobacco... interests.tobacco
Lifestyle - Foreign Travel Interest, Lifestyle - Travel &...
LHI Lifestyle - Motor Vehicles - Trucks HOH, LHI Lifestyl... interests.trucks
LHI Lifestyle - Technology - TV/Movies/Video HOH, LHI Lif... interests.tv_movies
LHI Lifestyle - Wildlife/Environment HOH, LHI Lifestyle -... interests.wildlife
LHI Lifestyle - Apparel - General Apparel HOH, LHI Lifest... interests.womens_apparel
Lifestyle - Fashion & Jewelry Interest, LHI Lifestyle - A... interests.womens_fashion
Last Name HOH, Last Name Member 2, Last Name Member 3, La... last_name
Occupancy Count location_family_count
Delivery Unit Size Raw location_unit_count
Mail Score, Mail Score, 2nd byte mailing_score_code
Box Type, Box Number, Route Type, Route Number mailing_street
Middle Initial HOH, Middle Initial Member 2, Middle Initi... middle_initial
Home Equity Estimate mortgage.estimated_home_equity
Mortgage Interest Rate mortgage.estimated_interest_rate
Loan To Value (Ratio-LTV) mortgage.estimated_loan_to_value
Actual Mortgage Expense, Mortgage Expense Code mortgage.estimated_monthly_payment
Finance Type mortgage.finance_type
Second Property Indicator mortgage.has_second_property
Mortgage Amount mortgage.loan_amount
Mortgage Loan Type mortgage.loan_type
Mortgage Presence Flag HOH, Mortgage Presence Flag Member... mortgage.owner
Mortgage Month, Mortgage Year, Mortgage Day, Home Sale Date mortgage.sale_date
Mortgage Month, Home Sale Date mortgage.sale_month
Second Property Value mortgage.second_property_value
Location Type multi_family
Individual ID HOH, Individual ID Member 2, Individual ID ... person_id
Area Code, Phone Number, Secondary Area Code & Phone Numb... phones
Location Type, Work at home flag HOH, Work at home flag M... places_match_type
Political Party HOH, Political Party Member 2, Political ... political_party_affiliation
Zip Code, Zip+4 postal_code
Lot Size real_estate.acres
Assessor's Parcel Number real_estate.assessor_parcel_number
Home Value Code, Home Value Code (Aggregate List Statist... real_estate.estimated_home_value
Garage Indicator real_estate.garage
Heating Type Code real_estate.heating_type
Bathroom Count real_estate.number_of_bathrooms
Bedroom Count real_estate.number_of_bedrooms
Room Count real_estate.number_of_rooms
Pool Type real_estate.pool
Home Size real_estate.square_footage
Home Built Year, Home Age real_estate.year_home_built
State, Census State Code 2010, Standardized City, State, Zip state
Location Address (Standardized Address), House Number, St... street
Unit Number suite
Unit Type suite_description
Do Not Call Flag HOH, Do Not Call Flag Member 2, Do Not C... suppressed_fields
Time Zone time_zone
Refresh Date HOH, Refresh Date Member 2, Refresh Date Mem... updated_on
Zip Code, Standardized City, State, Zip zip
Zip+4 zip_four