Search UI

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Browse and analyze your records.

1. View your accessible records

Select "Places Search" from your top navigation menu.

  • Sort by any column.
  • Click in the top left of the table to edit columns.
  • Enter a search or filter name to initiate a query.

2. Filter by any field

Click on items in the left pane to find and choose fields to filter by.

  • Each field supports various ways to filter.
  • Drag search bricks together to “OR” criteria.
  • Copy the URL to share your search.

3. Discover insights

Select Tally Report or Fill Rates Report by clicking the menu.

  • Select up to 3 fields to generate a Tally Report.
  • Click on each tally to view underlying records.
  • Download the full set of results using .

4. Drill into details

Click on a record in the Places table to drill into the details.

  • Scroll through field level data on the record.
  • Use the left pane to navigate to a category of attributes.
  • Provide feedback on data. Read more.